class SoftPointwiseHingeLoss(margin=1.0, reduction='mean')[source]

Bases: DeltaPointwiseLoss

The soft pointwise hinge loss.

This loss is appropriate for interaction functions which do not include a bias term, and have a limited value range, e.g., distance-based ones like TransE.

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When choosing margin=0, this loss becomes equivalent to pykeen.losses.SoftplusLoss. It is also closely related to pykeen.losses.PointwiseHingeLoss, only differing in that this loss uses the softmax activation and pykeen.losses.PointwiseHingeLoss uses the ReLU activation.

Initialize the loss.

  • margin (float) – the margin, cf. DeltaPointwiseLoss.__init__()

  • reduction (str) – the reduction, cf. DeltaPointwiseLoss.__init__()

Attributes Summary


The default strategy for optimizing the loss's hyper-parameters

Attributes Documentation

hpo_default: ClassVar[Mapping[str, Any]] = {'margin': {'high': 3, 'low': 0, 'type': <class 'float'>}}

The default strategy for optimizing the loss’s hyper-parameters