replicate_pipeline_from_config(config, directory, replicates, move_to_cpu=False, save_replicates=True, save_training=False, keep_seed=False, **kwargs)[source]

Run the same pipeline several times from a configuration dictionary.

  • config (Mapping[str, Any]) – The configuration dictionary for the experiment.

  • directory (Union[str, Path]) – The output directory

  • replicates (int) – The number of replicates to run

  • move_to_cpu (bool) – Should the models be moved back to the CPU? Only relevant if training on GPU.

  • save_replicates (bool) – Should the artifacts of the replicates be saved?

  • kwargs – Keyword arguments to be passed through to pipeline_from_config().

  • save_training (bool) – whether to save the training factory.

  • keep_seed (bool) – whether to keep the random seed in a configuration

Return type: