Prediction workflows.


predict(model, *[, k, batch_size, mode])

Calculate and store scores for either all triples, or the top k triples.

predict_triples_df(model, *, triples[, ...])

Predict on labeled or mapped triples.

get_all_prediction_df(model, *, triples_factory)

Compute scores for all triples, optionally returning only the k highest scoring.

get_prediction_df(model, triples_factory, *)

Get predictions for the head, relation, and/or tail combination.

get_head_prediction_df(model, ...[, heads])

Predict heads for the given relation and tail (given by label).

get_relation_prediction_df(model, ...[, ...])

Predict relations for the given head and tail (given by label).

get_tail_prediction_df(model, ...[, tails])

Predict tails for the given head and relation (given by label).