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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Training KGE models based on the sLCWA."""

import logging
from typing import Any, Mapping, Optional, Type

import torch
from torch.optim.optimizer import Optimizer

from .training_loop import TrainingLoop
from .utils import apply_label_smoothing
from ..losses import CrossEntropyLoss
from ..models.base import Model
from ..sampling import BasicNegativeSampler, NegativeSampler
from ..triples import SLCWAInstances
from ..typing import MappedTriples

__all__ = [

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class SLCWATrainingLoop(TrainingLoop): """A training loop that uses the stochastic local closed world assumption training approach.""" negative_sampler: NegativeSampler loss_blacklist = [CrossEntropyLoss] def __init__( self, model: Model, optimizer: Optional[Optimizer] = None, negative_sampler_cls: Optional[Type[NegativeSampler]] = None, negative_sampler_kwargs: Optional[Mapping[str, Any]] = None, ): """Initialize the training loop. :param model: The model to train :param optimizer: The optimizer to use while training the model :param negative_sampler_cls: The class of the negative sampler :param negative_sampler_kwargs: Keyword arguments to pass to the negative sampler class on instantiation for every positive one """ super().__init__( model=model, optimizer=optimizer, ) if negative_sampler_cls is None: negative_sampler_cls = BasicNegativeSampler self.negative_sampler = negative_sampler_cls( triples_factory=self.triples_factory, **(negative_sampler_kwargs or {}), ) @property def num_negs_per_pos(self) -> int: """Return number of negatives per positive from the sampler. Property for API compatibility """ return self.negative_sampler.num_negs_per_pos def _create_instances(self, use_tqdm: Optional[bool] = None) -> SLCWAInstances: # noqa: D102 return self.triples_factory.create_slcwa_instances() @staticmethod def _get_batch_size(batch: MappedTriples) -> int: # noqa: D102 return batch.shape[0] def _process_batch( self, batch: MappedTriples, start: int, stop: int, label_smoothing: float = 0.0, slice_size: Optional[int] = None, ) -> torch.FloatTensor: # noqa: D102 # Slicing is not possible in sLCWA training loops if slice_size is not None: raise AttributeError('Slicing is not possible for sLCWA training loops.') # Send positive batch to device positive_batch = batch[start:stop].to(device=self.device) # Create negative samples neg_samples = self.negative_sampler.sample(positive_batch=positive_batch) # Ensure they reside on the device (should hold already for most simple negative samplers, e.g. # BasicNegativeSampler, BernoulliNegativeSampler negative_batch = # Make it negative batch broadcastable (required for num_negs_per_pos > 1). negative_batch = negative_batch.view(-1, 3) # Compute negative and positive scores positive_scores = self.model.score_hrt(positive_batch) negative_scores = self.model.score_hrt(negative_batch) loss = self._loss_helper( positive_scores, negative_scores, label_smoothing, ) return loss def _mr_loss_helper( self, positive_scores: torch.FloatTensor, negative_scores: torch.FloatTensor, _label_smoothing=None, ) -> torch.FloatTensor: # Repeat positives scores (necessary for more than one negative per positive) if self.num_negs_per_pos > 1: positive_scores = positive_scores.repeat(self.num_negs_per_pos, 1) return self.model.compute_mr_loss( positive_scores=positive_scores, negative_scores=negative_scores, ) def _self_adversarial_negative_sampling_loss_helper( self, positive_scores: torch.FloatTensor, negative_scores: torch.FloatTensor, _label_smoothing=None, ) -> torch.FloatTensor: """Compute self adversarial negative sampling loss.""" return self.model.compute_self_adversarial_negative_sampling_loss( positive_scores=positive_scores, negative_scores=negative_scores, ) def _label_loss_helper( self, positive_scores: torch.FloatTensor, negative_scores: torch.FloatTensor, label_smoothing: float, ) -> torch.FloatTensor: # Stack predictions predictions =[positive_scores, negative_scores], dim=0) # Create target ones = torch.ones_like(positive_scores, device=self.device) zeros = torch.zeros_like(negative_scores, device=self.device) labels =[ones, zeros], dim=0) if label_smoothing > 0.: labels = apply_label_smoothing( labels=labels, epsilon=label_smoothing, num_classes=self.model.num_entities, ) # Normalize the loss to have the average loss per positive triple # This allows comparability of sLCWA and LCWA losses return self.model.compute_label_loss( predictions=predictions, labels=labels, ) def _slice_size_search( self, batch_size: int, sub_batch_size: int, supports_sub_batching: bool, ) -> None: # noqa: D102 # Slicing is not possible for sLCWA if supports_sub_batching: report = "This model supports sub-batching, but it also requires slicing, which is not possible for sLCWA" else: report = "This model doesn't support sub-batching and slicing is not possible for sLCWA" logger.warning(report) raise MemoryError("The current model can't be trained on this hardware with these parameters.")