The PyKEEN pipeline and related wrapper functions.


pipeline_from_path(path, **kwargs)

Run the pipeline with configuration in a JSON/YAML file at the given path.

pipeline_from_config(config[, discard_seed])

Run the pipeline with a configuration dictionary.

replicate_pipeline_from_config(config, ...)

Run the same pipeline several times from a configuration dictionary.

replicate_pipeline_from_path(path, **kwargs)

Run the same pipeline several times from a configuration file by path.

pipeline(*[, dataset, dataset_kwargs, ...])

Train and evaluate a model.

plot_losses(pipeline_result, *[, ax])

Plot the losses per epoch.

plot_early_stopping(pipeline_result, *[, ...])

Plot the evaluations during early stopping.

plot_er(pipeline_result, *[, model, ...])

Plot the reduced entities and relation vectors in 2D.

plot(pipeline_result[, er_kwargs, figsize])

Plot all plots.


PipelineResult(random_seed, model, training, ...)

A dataclass containing the results of running pykeen.pipeline.pipeline().