Source code for pykeen.models.unimodal.compgcn

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Implementation of the Comp-GCN model."""

from typing import Any, Mapping, Optional

import torch
from class_resolver import Hint

from ..nbase import ERModel
from ...nn.emb import CombinedCompGCNRepresentations, EmbeddingSpecification
from ...nn.modules import DistMultInteraction, Interaction
from ...triples import CoreTriplesFactory
from ...typing import RelationRepresentation

__all__ = [

[docs]class CompGCN(ERModel[torch.FloatTensor, RelationRepresentation, torch.FloatTensor]): """An implementation of CompGCN from [vashishth2020]_. This model uses graph convolutions, and composition functions. --- citation: author: Vashishth year: 2020 link: github: malllabiisc/CompGCN """ #: The default strategy for optimizing the model's hyper-parameters hpo_default = dict( embedding_dim=dict(type=int, low=32, high=512, q=32), ) def __init__( self, *, triples_factory: CoreTriplesFactory, embedding_dim: int = 64, encoder_kwargs: Optional[Mapping[str, Any]] = None, interaction: Hint[Interaction[torch.FloatTensor, RelationRepresentation, torch.FloatTensor]] = None, interaction_kwargs: Optional[Mapping[str, Any]] = None, **kwargs, ): """Initialize the model. :param triples_factory: The triples factory. :param embedding_dim: The embedding dimension to be used if ``embedding_specification`` is not given explicitly in ``encoder_kwargs``. :param encoder_kwargs: Additional keyword arguments for the encoder, cf. :class:`pykeen.nn.emb.CombinedCompGCNRepresentations`. :param interaction: The interaction function to use as decoder. :param interaction_kwargs: Additional keyword based arguments for the interaction function. :param kwargs: Additional keyword based arguments passed to :class:`pykeen.models.ERModel`. """ encoder_kwargs = {} if encoder_kwargs is None else dict(encoder_kwargs) encoder_kwargs.setdefault("embedding_specification", EmbeddingSpecification(embedding_dim=embedding_dim)) # combined representation entity_representations, relation_representations = CombinedCompGCNRepresentations( triples_factory=triples_factory, **encoder_kwargs, ).split() # Resolve interaction function if interaction is None: interaction = DistMultInteraction super().__init__( triples_factory=triples_factory, interaction=interaction, interaction_kwargs=interaction_kwargs, entity_representations=entity_representations, relation_representations=relation_representations, **kwargs, )