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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Training KGE models based on the sLCWA."""

import logging
from typing import Optional

from class_resolver import HintOrType, OptionalKwargs
from import DataLoader

from .training_loop import TrainingLoop
from ..losses import Loss
from ..models.base import Model
from ..sampling import NegativeSampler
from ..triples import CoreTriplesFactory
from ..triples.instances import SLCWABatch, SLCWASampleType
from ..typing import InductiveMode

__all__ = [

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class SLCWATrainingLoop(TrainingLoop[SLCWASampleType, SLCWABatch]): """A training loop that uses the stochastic local closed world assumption training approach. [ruffinelli2020]_ call the sLCWA ``NegSamp`` in their work. """ def __init__( self, negative_sampler: HintOrType[NegativeSampler] = None, negative_sampler_kwargs: OptionalKwargs = None, **kwargs, ): """Initialize the training loop. :param negative_sampler: The class, instance, or name of the negative sampler :param negative_sampler_kwargs: Keyword arguments to pass to the negative sampler class on instantiation for every positive one :param kwargs: Additional keyword-based parameters passed to TrainingLoop.__init__ """ super().__init__(**kwargs) self.negative_sampler = negative_sampler self.negative_sampler_kwargs = negative_sampler_kwargs # docstr-coverage: inherited def _create_training_data_loader( self, triples_factory: CoreTriplesFactory, sampler: Optional[str], batch_size: int, drop_last: bool, **kwargs ) -> DataLoader[SLCWABatch]: # noqa: D102 assert "batch_sampler" not in kwargs return DataLoader( dataset=triples_factory.create_slcwa_instances( batch_size=batch_size, shuffle=kwargs.pop("shuffle", True), drop_last=drop_last, negative_sampler=self.negative_sampler, negative_sampler_kwargs=self.negative_sampler_kwargs, sampler=sampler, ), # disable automatic batching batch_size=None, batch_sampler=None, **kwargs, ) @staticmethod # docstr-coverage: inherited def _get_batch_size(batch: SLCWABatch) -> int: # noqa: D102 return batch[0].shape[0] @staticmethod def _process_batch_static( model: Model, loss: Loss, mode: Optional[InductiveMode], batch: SLCWABatch, start: Optional[int], stop: Optional[int], label_smoothing: float = 0.0, slice_size: Optional[int] = None, ) -> torch.FloatTensor: # Slicing is not possible in sLCWA training loops if slice_size is not None: raise AttributeError("Slicing is not possible for sLCWA training loops.") # split batch positive_batch, negative_batch, positive_filter = batch # send to device positive_batch = positive_batch[start:stop].to(device=model.device) negative_batch = negative_batch[start:stop] if positive_filter is not None: positive_filter = positive_filter[start:stop] negative_batch = negative_batch[positive_filter] positive_filter = # Make it negative batch broadcastable (required for num_negs_per_pos > 1). negative_score_shape = negative_batch.shape[:-1] negative_batch = negative_batch.view(-1, 3) # Ensure they reside on the device (should hold already for most simple negative samplers, e.g. # BasicNegativeSampler, BernoulliNegativeSampler negative_batch = # Compute negative and positive scores positive_scores = model.score_hrt(positive_batch, mode=mode) negative_scores = model.score_hrt(negative_batch, mode=mode).view(*negative_score_shape) return ( loss.process_slcwa_scores( positive_scores=positive_scores, negative_scores=negative_scores, label_smoothing=label_smoothing, batch_filter=positive_filter, num_entities=model._get_entity_len(mode=mode), ) + model.collect_regularization_term() ) # docstr-coverage: inherited def _process_batch( self, batch: SLCWABatch, start: int, stop: int, label_smoothing: float = 0.0, slice_size: Optional[int] = None, ) -> torch.FloatTensor: # noqa: D102 return self._process_batch_static( model=self.model, loss=self.loss, mode=self.mode, batch=batch, start=start, stop=stop, label_smoothing=label_smoothing, slice_size=slice_size, ) # docstr-coverage: inherited def _slice_size_search( self, *, triples_factory: CoreTriplesFactory, batch_size: int, sub_batch_size: int, supports_sub_batching: bool, ): # noqa: D102 # Slicing is not possible for sLCWA if supports_sub_batching: report = "This model supports sub-batching, but it also requires slicing, which is not possible for sLCWA" else: report = "This model doesn't support sub-batching and slicing is not possible for sLCWA" logger.warning(report) raise MemoryError("The current model can't be trained on this hardware with these parameters.")