predict_triples(model, *, triples, triples_factory=None, batch_size=None, mode=None)[source]

Predict on labeled or mapped triples.

  • model (Model) – The model.

  • triples (Union[None, LongTensor, ndarray, Tuple[str, str, str], Sequence[Tuple[str, str, str]]]) –

    shape: (num_triples, 3) The triples in one of the following formats:

    • A single label-based triple.

    • A list of label-based triples.

    • An array of label-based triples

    • An array of ID-based triples.

    • None. In this case, a triples factory has to be provided, and its triples will be used.

  • triples_factory (Optional[CoreTriplesFactory]) – The triples factory. Must be given if triples are label-based. If provided and triples are ID-based, add labels to result.

  • batch_size (Optional[int]) – The batch size to use. Use None for automatic memory optimization.

  • mode (Optional[Literal[‘training’, ‘validation’, ‘testing’]]) – The pass mode, which is None in the transductive setting and one of “training”, “validation”, or “testing” in the inductive setting.

Return type:



a score pack of the triples with the predicted scores.